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"Macmillan Computer Publishing USA"
        (Over 150 books, check out 5 at a time)
        MOVED: 10-11-99 to


"Kelley Blue Book - Find Blue Books"
        (high-end value )

"NADA Guide - Cars"
        (low-end value)

"Numerical Recipes in C"

"Hebrew Language"

"Useful Words -- Basic Hebrew Words"


"Merriam Webster Dictionary"

Computer Magazines

"Computer Shopper"$2055423444



"Inside NetWare"

"Network World Fusion home page"|wwqW/GP81XZ9G/t9b7.tdbEwqwFGP81XZ9GVWVVxvhuUMph,td99b7o,xvhu4Mvvzg,X1bb7e

"Network World Fusion"|tttLOV0y.OB0StstpUdMFlnVUjkjjrHv86a3v,OBVV0y2,rHv8iaHHDu,lF00y4

"PC Week"

"ZD Net"

Hottest Tech Publications

1. Wall Street Journal
2. BusinessWeek
3. Fortune
4. Industry Standard
5. New York Times
6. eWEEK
7. USA Today
8. PC World
9. Forbes
10. Business 2.0

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Last modified on 12 May 2001