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Below was the tempory home for the "Butch's Cedar Hills Broadband" web site. This site is no onger updated as of October 2001.


Available today


- 11.0 MBps IEEE 802.11b wireless
- 1.5 MBit/sec T1 line (180KB/s max downloads)



$140 -or-
Add $60

Equipment rental and installation -or-
Installation and purchase to own (see below)
Upgrade from small antenna to a large antenna (if necessary)


Equipment (if purchased)

($250) -or-
Add $220

Cisco Aironet 350 Series Wireless LAN Card -or-
Cisco Aironet 350 11Mbps DSSS Workgroup Bridge



$48 / mo.
$43 / mo.
w/Rental equipment
w/Purchased equipment
Includes a routable static IP address


Contact Info

Butch Brandow
10368 N. Forest Creek Dr.
Cedar Hills, UT 84062
Home: (801) 763-7543
Mobile: (801) 879-3376


  • Must install a wireless antenna, high frequency coax cabling, and 802.11b wireless NIC or gateway.

Coverage Map

If you are on the map, I can get to you. If you are not on the map, I might still be able to get to you, but we will need a big antenna. Big antennas cost $60 more than the little antennas. Map

9-2001: Added another antenna. Should be able to reach all of Cedar Hills and most of American Fork near Cedar Hills.

Fun Facts

Butch is a resident of Cedar Hills, UT, who is willing to share his high speed Internet connection. He is also a pilot for United Airlines. His engineering degree from the Air Force Academy is in Antenna Theory. He placed two omnidirectional antennas on the roof of his home and on the tallest home in Cedar Hills and is providing Internet access to neighbors for a nominal fee.

See his Broadband Service Order Form below.

Broadband Service Order Form

Payment Plans

Installation Fee: $140 installation fee, $48 monthly ($5/month/extra IP address.) If you choose this option, the hardware that I install in your home is mine. When you terminate service, I will come and get antenna, cable and radio (PCI card.)

Hardware Fee: $340 hardware purchase, $43 monthly ($5/month/ extra IP address.) If you choose this option, the hardware that I install in your home is yours. When you terminate service, you keep the antenna, cable, and radio (PCI card.)

Service Agreement

You are free to terminate service at any time, for any reason. I am free to terminate service at any time, for any reason. The Installation Fee and the hardware Fee are not refundable.

I am only providing bandwidth. I am not providing e-mail, web hosting, firewalls, or filtering. I am offering speed, without the frills.

You are sharing a T-1 line that is 1.5Mb/s both ways. The speed that you see in your home will be something less than that. Please do NOT set up a network that extends beyond your home.

Please be courteous with your bandwidth usage. Example: You have a 600MByte file to download... don't do it during a time when everyone else is using the bandwidth. Do it when bandwidth usage is normally low.

Your Name _____________________________

Address ________________________________

Phone Number ___________________________

E-mail Address ___________________________

Payment Plan ____________________________

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Last modified on 2 October 2001