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The jokes on this page are rated PG-13. I have edited out all dirty words.
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Harold's Favorites (* = best of the best)

February 1998

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski Jokes (PG-13)

January 1998

The Idiot Test (Does England have a 4th of July?) *

December 1997

Mad Cow Disease (with sound!) **

November 1997

Computer Problem Report Form.

Take This Job And....

Humorous Quotes.

Science Fair Junk Science.

Microsoft Aquires Federal Government.

Ad Campaigns Gone Wrong.

Reason #1 for not having kids.

When Good Dogs Crossbreed.

October 1997

Holloween Misspelling.

Holloween Greeting Card.

Humorous Signs from Kenya.

Star Trek Future by Scott Adams. *

Car Driver Identification.

September 1997

Good Wholesome Humor.

August 1997

Performance Appraisals.

The World's Easiest Quiz?.

Obvious Newspaper Headlines.

Windows 95 Defined.

Ways to Annoy Public Bathroom Stallmate. *

Think About It.....

Silly People.

The Veterinarian.

AOL Hacker Turnaround.

The Golfing Genie.

Humorous Bumper Stickers. **

July 1997

Tastes Like Chicken.

Where Do You Want to Go Today?.

Noah's Ark - A Modern Tale.

US Air Force Pilot Issues.

Kid Quotes.

The Silver Ladle.

May 1997

Drinks for Tricks.

5 Kinds of Mormons.

What Are You Talking About? (LDS and SunBeams).

GirlFriend 1.1 Upgrade to Wife 1.0.

Results of a contest for "theories" sponsored by Omni Magazine.

Cloning Humans - Already Done?.

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