"Cloning Humans - Already Done?"

 The news that a sheep in Scotland has been successfully cloned got me wondering. What good would it be to clone humans? What would I do with a clone of myself?, for example. Then it hit me. I could have my clone go into work for me while I went out hiking, biking, skiing, etc.! I really could be in two places at once.  

But wait a minute. If that's what I would do with my clone, how do I know that I'm not a clone myself? What if the original me had himself cloned and sent the clone (that is, me) in to do his work for him? The original me could be out there right now doing all those things I like to do: hiking biking or skiing. 

This explains a lot:

-All those mysterious checks I find in my bank statement every month (with my signature) but don't remember writing,

-Why my wife doesn't seem to notice when I've been out of town,

-Why my wife thinks I get too much sex,

-All those traffic tickets I have to pay but swear I never received in the first place.

-Why my friends say things like, "I thought I saw you out skiing last week," when I know I was at work,

-Why whenever I go out to get the mail and happen to see the carrier, she gives me a knowing wink,

-Why I keep getting fines for overdue books at the library, when I only check out CD's,

-The unexplained charges to my credit card (the one with my picture on it) from London, Paris, New York...

-The unexplained charges to that same card from motels where you pay by the hour,


I can only hope the original me never:

-Gets sentenced to prison,

-Enters a witness protection program,

-Starts hitting on a loan shark's girl friend,

-Or is named as the defendant in a paternity suit.