Volume 17                                                                                                                                     December 2004

FOR all of you who thought we fell off the face of the earth last year, we didn’t. Life just got a little too hectic.  For the first time in 17 years, the Toomey Times (2003 edition) went by the wayside. Life is still very busy, but we’re determined to stay in communication with each of you during the month that marks our Savior’s birth.

HAROLD’s favorite memory of last year was listening to Harry Potter CDs with the family as we drove from Utah to Vancouver, Canada and back. This year his favorite experiences were our Florida vacation for two weeks, just before the four hurricanes struck and visiting Calgary, Canada with -40° temp and surviving a 20-minute stroll outside. Harold has enjoyed serving as ward executive secretary for the past year. His major accomplishments were finishing the basement, earning his scout Wood Badge beads and 3 security certifications (CISSP, CISA, & CISM). Currently he is working on becoming 100% debt-free and better balancing work, family, and God. An important future goal is to serve a couples mission with Holly. His favorite part of this year’s summer vacation was snorkeling in the Florida Keys with Heather on his back, her face in the water and snorkeling, too. He also enjoyed night swims at Fort Lauderdale Beach. He would like everyone to know that he thinks he has the greatest wife and kids in the whole-wide world, and that “Just one more electronic toy won’t make me happy.”


HOLLY’s favorite memory of 2003 was earning two silver medals for forms and sparring at the USTU National Taekwondo Competition in New Orleans, Louisiana. After taking gold in the 2004 Utah State Taekwondo tournament, Holly qualified for nationals.  This year’s family vacation was combined with the AAU Taekwondo Nationals in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. While there, Holly earned a silver medal in sparring.  It was a great experience, but her favorite part of family vacation was snorkeling in the Keys with the entire family. A little while after vacation, Holly advanced to the rank of black belt.  This month she advanced to a 1st degree black belt (1st Dan). Harold says he is now married to a weapon!  Her short-term goals are: 1) getting up the nerve to spar other black belts and 2) organizing a local Aspergers Support Group.  Long term, Holly looks forward to going on a couple’s mission with Harold.



DAVID’s (16) favorite memory from last year was the family vacation to Canada where we discovered Death by Chocolate, and Canadians thinking two-dollar bills weren’t legal tender. He also got to drive Uncle Robert’s 4-wheeler at 40+ mph while visiting his family in Washington State.  This year his favorite memory was wholloping two higher-ranking competitors in back-to-back sparring matches at Utah’s AAU State Taekwondo Competition. He took the gold medal in sparring! In addition to being placed on the honor roll, this year he has trained his three parakeets to perform amazing tricks. He would like everyone to know that “I love (exotic) birds!” and “I love Taekwondo!”  He is on track to finish his eagle scout requirements this month too.  He has his learners permit for driving and is now taller than his father.



JONATHAN (12) says last year’s vacation to Canada was “awesome!” This year swimming with dolphins in Florida was his favorite memory of 2004. His greatest accomplishment this year was winning two silver medals in the AAU State Taekwondo Championships. Currently, Jonathan is working hard to get really good grades in 7th grade, at which he is doing quite well.  Jonathan’s favorite part of summer vacation was “sleeping-in almost every day.” He would like everyone to know “I’m getting braces and contacts” in 2005. He also wants you to know we got a cute dog, named Pappy Radar Toomey. “He’s really playful; I play with him a lot.”



ANDREW‘s (9) favorite memory last year was getting Pappy, our puppy. He ended up with stitches in his knee one day before the national taekwondo competition in Florida, which prevented him from competing. His favorite memory this year, which he also considers his greatest accomplishment, was swimming with the dolphins in salt water with stitches in his knee! Currently he is working on reading at high school level (he already reads extremely well!) He earned straight A’s in school and wants to be a vet.  He would like everyone to know he got contact lenses this year.




HEATHER’s (5) favorite memory since January is “thinking about ponies.” She is 100% girl and loves anything that is pink.  She loves to write, and this year she learned how to write her name and phone number. Her current goal is to learn to write like her brothers. Her favorite part of summer vacation was swimming in the pool. She would like everyone to know that “I want to know ballet lessons”, and her favorite shows are “Dragon Tales,” “Totoro,” and “Toy Story.”  Her favorite activity is “helping mom make vegetable soup.” Her favorite vegetable is “chicken.”




PAPPY (1½) is the newest addition to our family. He’s a beautiful pure-bred Papillion, born last summer. It was love at first sight, and we know he is supposed to be in our family. He’s cute, fun, and really smart! His favorite food is carrots. He loves being held, playing fetch, tug-of-war, riding in the car, and taking walks.  He is also a thorough silent vacuum cleaner under the dining room table.



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