Volume 3

Published by H & H Toomey

December 1989





Harold's Last Class?

As you recall, in last year's Christmas Newsletter, Harold was commissioned and officer in the US Air Force and was allowed to continue his studies at Brigham Young University. In August, after six long years, he finally finished up with a Master's Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Mission accomplished!

But there was no vacation for Harold. He was writing a book containing assorted numerical analysis algorithms (computer math) as well as creating a computer program for a small Provo company. He worked all summer and continued after graduation on these ventures. His arduous work paid off handsomely and hopefully will continue to pay-off more in the future.

Harold is currently looking into the possibilities of earning a Ph.D. in Mathematics or Computer Engineering through the Air Force's AFIT program. This may lead to a reassignment to the Air Force Academy as an Instructor in a few years from now.

The Eastward Exodus

At the end of August the "Air Force" movers came, packed up Harold and Holly's goods, and trucked them off to Dayton, Ohio, leaving Harold, Holly, and David in Utah to fend for themselves for a few weeks. They were able to stay with some friends in Orem, (the neighboring city of Provo), and Holly and Harold continued to work.

In the middle of September, the Harold Toomey family headed to Ohio in their new 1990 Geo Prism. They enjoyed the sites on the way including several historical sites of the LDS Church, such as Carthage Jail and Nauvoo, Ill. On the evening of September 18 they arrived in Dayton, Ohio. After getting lost in the city they were relieved to find that Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is not located in confusingly big Dayton but in a nice suburb called Fairborn.

Upon arrival they found that they were number 202 on the base housing list for two bedroom officer quarters. After living for two weeks in temporary officer quarters, they found a nice two bedroom apartment in Fairborn and signed a one year contract. Hopefully, by the end of next year, they will be number one on the list and move into a bigger home. "Come up and see us sometime," Holly exclaimed.

Harold's First Assignment

In the last edition of Toomey Times (Vol. 2, 1988), it was reported that Harold was hoping to be assigned to Wright-Patterson and do some engineering work. Somehow his wish was granted. He has been assigned to the flight Dynamics Lab where he helps to create and run real-time aircraft simulations. He spends a lot of time operating and programming computers, as well as learning about flight simulators. "Hot-dog, this is great!" was Holly's interpretation of how Harold enjoys his new job.

Earlier this month, Harold's lab had an open house for family and friends to come learn more about what goes on in them-there Air Force buildings. Holly flew a sortie inside a 40 foot dome with computer generated imagery at the command of her cockpit's stick and throttle for three long minutes...tick...tick...tick. When asked to comment, Holly replied, "I should have taken Dramamine; I feel sick."

The Toomeys have a short unclassified video that was shown at the open house, which shows what Harold's lab does. If you are interested in seeing it let Harold know.

Holly's New Career

Looking forward to being a full-time mother, Holly said "good-bye" to her friends and associates at WordPerfect Corporation. She had a wonderful two years while working there as a typesetter. She wasn't sure if she was ready to be home all day, and for a time she and David seemed to be driving each other crazy. So Holly took a part-time, temporary position at Universal Technology Corporation in their Slideways division. She enjoyed working as an Administrative Assistant in the computer graphics department. However, she soon decided that being home with David was where she wanted and needed to be.

After much thought and preparation, Holly has retired from working for another boss and decided to work out of the home as typesetting and part-time child care. She loves her new career!

Delightful David

At 15 months delightful David is growing into quite a big boy! He is constantly surprising his parents with new actions and words. Of course, David is always discovering new places to climb. Some of the places, which really caught Holly off-guard, are Harold's desk and the bathroom sink.

David's favorite past-times are dancing to a good beat, playing chase and hide-and-go-seek with Daddy, and collecting and testing leaves. He is a lover of the outdoors and finds any excuse he can to go outside. Bath and shower time is also a favorite time of the day for David; he knows exactly where to go when Mommy says, "Shall we take a shower?" He also knows, when Mommy asks if he wants breakfast, that if he immediately runs to the kitchen table, he is saying "yes."

Chivalry is David's middle name. HE defends Mommy from Daddy in "fun" tussles, hitting Harold and exclaiming, "No, Daddy; don't!" Of course, he gets a little confused when Mommy starts to laugh. Then David starts laughing and hitting Mommy in the face.

For a while, David chased women. David would strike up a conversation with a young lady (about his same age), and the next thing witnesses would see was David and the girl throwing their arms around each other in a big bear hug, then David would kiss the girl smack-dab on the lips. Usually this resulted in the loss of balance of the couple and they would topple to the ground, the girl crying and never letting David get close to her again. (Harold wonders where David got this from?!) So, David discontinued this behavior on all women, except for his mother, who often still gets slobbery, snotty kisses from her adoring son.

A desire to learn keeps David's vocabulary growing. His most common phrases are "no' and "don't," "hi" and "bye-bye, Daddy." He likes to answer the phone with "hello" and is more-often-than-not heard repeating "giggle, giggle, giggle", which is thought to mean "tickle, tickle, tickle." He is not shy about letting others know he has an "ouwy" or that he wants a "num-num", and anything on four legs is a "doggy." David's newest words are "Mommy", "gone", "stay", "burr", "preee" (pretty), and "eye".

Continually on-the-go, David is forever learning and so are Holly and Harold. For instance, this year their Christmas tree is inside David's playpen. Harold figured that if the pen can keep David in, it should also keep him out. So far, so good.

Our New Ward

In their Provo Ward, Harold and Holly began the year still team teaching a Sunday school class. This was a good calling especially since it helped H&H study the scriptures together. By mid-summer they were called to be Ward Mission Leader/Friendship Couple. Soon after their move to the Fairborn ward Harold was called to be a Sunday school teacher again and Holly was called to be the Young Women's Second Counselor (12 and 13 year olds). They have enjoyed this year's challenges and opportunities to serve the Lord.

Editors' Note

Our new address is:

Harold and Holly Toomey
264 Orville St. #3
Fairborn, OH 45324
Phone: (878-1478)

We have really enjoyed writing this newsletter for you. Even though you probably haven't had as much fun reading it as we have had writing it, at least we've caught you up on this past year's events. We wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY 1990!

With love,

 Harold, Holly, & David

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