Fat People at McDonalds and the One Skinny Dude 


"These are the most energetic scouts I have ever seen!" - Merit Badge Counselor
" How many cookies can we eat in less than one minute?." – Mamma R
" PiZzAs ArE sOoO nUmMy!!!!!!." – SuMoS ArE SoOo CoOl!!!
" Do we need to work out." – Bill Up
" um hi I like funny.’’ – snow white
Me smart me really smart." – the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
“I need a Subway Train to McDonalds please” – Lardo’s brother, Fat
“Every day I try to make it out the door…… but never do” - The Fattie
" Someone get the butter." –The Lard
" I am the anorexic vegetarian who works at McDonalds”- the A.V.
" I am fat” - Thing it

Here is a picture of us after we died because we are so fat.

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Last modified on 21 October 2006