Your Local Fat-Headed Scouts 


"These are the most organized scouts I have ever seen!" - Merit Badge Counselor

"I don't know what to type." - Treb

"survivol tip, when being chased you only have to be faster than the person behind you" - survivol guide

"I want to die sleeping unawhare of what is happening like my grandpa, not screeming and yelling like the passengers in his car." - Pres

"Don't be jealous that I have been talking to <girls like my mom> on the Internet all day." - Me

"Eat more chicken." - Newbish Newb 1.0

"Dead men don't bite ... hard." - smoking gun

"Um, I think you ripped my mole off. Is it bleeding?" - Spiffy

"Make yourself quick. I've got things to blow up." - Savvy Foulbrewer

"Cheese has calcium in it." - person

"Got milk?" - milk man

"You know where ligers go?" - footballchamp007

"Since when was that arrow there?" - Pin Cussion

"I don't care. That's OK. That's fine. No. Uh huuu...l OK Whatever." - Sat down

"Use your friend as a shield... like I did." - zackaris

"Check this out. Come my leperous friend, led us away. Oh, is this your finger?" - dudelove

"Only you can prevent forrest fires." - Your local firefighters

"Football is the best sport ever!" - football player

"Don't hate the player, hate the sport." - falcoon50

"Life is too short. Eat dessert first." - Jet Lag 101

"I'm sorry, did you fall down? Wake up! or I will push you off the cliff." - Stinkerbug

"Behold, the power of cheese!" - Cheeselover

"Don't lick frozen flag poles." - S

Here is a picture of us building a human pyramid.

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Last modified on 12 March 2005