Troop 1197 Scouts Rule  

"We are the best troop in the world!!! Check out my favorite web site at for game codes and lots of fun." - Dawg028

"Troop 1197 rules!" - Magnum XL

"We are so COOL!!!!!" - Bobster YO!

"Man I have a goal to become Fullback before the last game." - 87 Falcon Man

"1197 we're goin to heaven, and I guess you are too. for some great free palm pilot software goto" - Totoro

"I wish I were dead." - Iron-man

"I wish he were dead too." - MTrey3678

"Apples are good. I am a chicken." - Me Jaron

"Cats fall off tall buildings and splat on pavement." - kid


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Last modified on 18 September 2004