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•  Born in Gainsville, FL in March 1963 to Ralph and Zella Morrow.
•  I am Harold's wife and the mother of five beautiful children, three boys, a girl, an an adopted son.
•  I earned my associates degree at Rick's College in Family Development and Family Relations.
•  My hobbies include taekwondo, visiting florida, paper quilling, gardening, and home decorating.

My Resumé

•  Resumé and References 2009
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•  Toomey.org

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•  My Family - Wife and Children
•  My Family - Parents and Siblings
•  Annual "Toomey Times" Newsletter
•  24+ Years of Family Portraits

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Facebook Social Network
Facinating Folds My paper quilling hobby
Google The Internet's best search engine
Scriptures Holy Bible, Book of Mormon, D&C and other scriptures
Toomey.org Family Web site

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Last updated 26 October 2009