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Wingfield Family Photos (Morrow)

Charles & Zella WINGFIELD - 1906
Zella & Ray CREVISTON - 1937

Charles WINGFIELD Children - 1955

Left-to-Right: Zella, Bill, Louise, Charles, Evelyn, Edwin, Don, Leon WINGFIELD

Charles Edwin WINGFIELD - 1904
Charles Edwin WINGFIELD - 1940ish

Leonidas WINGFIELD Family - 1900

Leonidas, Mattie, Charles Edwin, Emma Deming WINGFIELD

Felix WINGFIELD - 1860
Elizabeth WOOD - 1870

WINGFIELD - WOOD Family - 1907

Front: Elizabeth Wood WINGFIELD, Julia WOOD, Elizabeth Wingfield WOOD, Benjamin WOOD, holding Clifford MOORE

Back: Laura Wingfield BUMGARDNER, Child, Muriel WINGFIELD, Zella Legge WINGFIELD, with Leon, Charles Edwin WINGFIELD, Emma Deming WINGFIELD, Mattie Wingfield MOORE

Wingfield Castle - 1979
Wingfield, Suffolk, ENGLAND

Download an 800 x 600 bitmap of the Wingfield Castle for your Windows desktop. (1,240 KB)

Legge Family Photos

Created by Harold Toomey and Zella Morrow. :-)

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