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One Great Family


Links Added in 2021

The 25 Best Genealogy Sites - The Definitive Guide (Suggested by Maria Jones on 9 Apr 2021)

A Guide To Home Genealogy By Kitchen Works Inc. (Suggested by Oliover Smith on 4 Mar 2021)


Links Added in 2020

History of United States Immigration Laws (Suggested by Ulysis Cababan on 17 Mar 2020)

Best DNA Testing Kits for Ancestry (Suggested by Maria Jones on 20 Feb 2020)


Links Added in 2019

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Genealogy (Suggested by Maria Jones on 24 May 2019) - A 10,000 word scientifically researched piece of work

Genealogy Resources (Suggested by Louise Smith on 21 Aug 2019)

Heritage Travel Guide (Suggested by Ray Noonan on 24 Jun 2019) - The popularity of at-home DNA tests has sparked an increased interest in travel to family origin sites, also known as heritage travel.

Genealogy: The Complete Resource Guide (These six were suggested by Caroline Hampton on 28 Feb 2019)

How to Use DNA Testing to Trace Your Family Tree

How to Preserve Your Family Treasures

How to Handle Antique Textiles and Costumes

Preserving and Passing On Your Values: How to Create a Family Heirloom

13 Fun Family Traditions: Examples and Ideas

People Finders - Helps you find relatives, for genealogy purposes or just to reconnect (Suggested by Mandy Parker on 22 Jan 2019)

Genealogy: How to Get Started on Your Family Tree (Suggested by Claire Mitchell on 17 Jan 2019)

Getting Started With Genealogy on the Web (Suggested by Matt and his teacher, Terry Kelly)

NYC Genealogy - Getting Started (Suggested by Mrs. Katie Gold, Colorado Springs Tutors)

History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy


Misc Sites

Genealogy Online

Fuller/Gaunt Genealogy Resources on the Web

Roots Sirname List

RAND Genealogy Club

All-in-One Genealogy Search

CompuServe's Genealogy Services

Mike Rice Help List

PBS Ancestor's Series

Everton Publishers

The Genealogy Home Page

Journal of On-Lone Genealogy

Dick Eastman's Genealogy Newsletter

Paula Goblirsch's Genealogy Resources on the Net

Treasure Maps How To Pages

NativeWeb Tracing Your Roots

Map of U.S. Surname Distribution

HKL@BYU.EDU - "E-Mail Questions about Geneology to the Family History Library"

Family Tree Maker Sites

Genealogy Site Finder

Internet Family Finder

Family Finder Index to 100+ CDs


Cyndi's Sites

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet

Cindi's List of Genealogy Newsgroups and Mailing Lists

Home Page Construction Kit


GenWeb Sites

GenWeb Intro

GenTree Site Index

GenWeb Full Index

U.S. GenWeb (www summary by state and country)


U.S. Government Records

National Archives and Records Administration

Library of Congress Catalog

World GenWeb (lists of www sites, all countries)

Civil War Sources

Search U.S. List of Place Names

National Parks' Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System

US Census Bureau

U.S. Telephone Directories (current, searchable)

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