Toomey Times

Volume 15                                                                                                                                       December 2001

Did you think we dropped off the face of the earth? We still exist! Moving during Thanksgiving last year really took its toll on our time, and we did not get the Christmas letter out the door. So we are sending last year’s letter with this one.

Harold continues to serve as the Deacon’s Quorum Advisor and Assistant Scoutmaster. He still works for Symantec as a Product Manager for enterprise security products, making time to help friends and neighbors with their computer problems on the side. Harold loves to teach Family History classes when the subject is Internet Genealogy. He enjoys these extra curricular activities. Over the summer he worked on landscaping the yard and had the basement framed and plumbed.  Now comes the wiring and finishing of the basement. This fall Harold and Holly attended a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) class and emergency drill and became certified.


Holly is still working with the Cub Scouts, but now she is the Bear Den Leader instead of the Webelos Leader. She keeps busy volunteering with the Home Reading Program at Cedar Ridge Elementary, playing room mother at Lindon Elementary, chasing Heather around, and encouraging the boys to do their homework and chores. She has also added morning aerobics with an exercise buddy, and recently organized a babysitting co-op in the neighborhood.

Heather (2) is so much like her mother, it’s almost scary. She has grown another foot. Now she needs three shoes. J Somewhere she has a stash of about a dozen pacifiers that we cannot find. (50¢ / each reward.)

Joining a family of three boys, she is definitely a girl. Her motherly side is always present.  She loves rocking, feeding, disrobing baby dolls and toilet training them, cooking, and helping with dishes.

Heather’s favorite book is “EEE AH, EEE AH” (Old McDonald). Her favorite game is “Heather, Mom is Coming!”, when just after nightly family prayer she pretends to sleep on Daddy, as he lounges on his recliner, to avoid having to go to bed. But Mom is catching on. Heather’s favorite show is “Blue’s Clues.” To her, TV is “Blue’s Clues.” Her favorite phrase is “Ew, grosse!”, and she loves to howl the Tarzan yell.

Andrew (6) is in the first grade at Cedar Ridge Elementary. He loves having cake at lunchtime and Pizza on Friday! He has many friends like Sam, JJ, Anders, Jake, and Blade.


He continues to surprise us with his deep testimony. Ward members often compliment him on his mature testimony which he eagerly bears monthly.

Mom is continually amazed by Andrew’s extensive vocabulary. His most recent new word usage was “opponent.” How many six year olds use that word correctly?

When asked what he remembers most about vacation this year, he replied, “I liked Disney World, but the resort and pool in Colorado were better. The resort at Disney World was like a hotel.”

Andrew loves Soccer, Game Boy and Nintendo. His favorite color is green and his favorite Christmas song is “Christmas Bells Are Ringing,” however his all-around favorite song remains “Nephi’s Courage.” He also loves any song sung by John Denver.

Jonathan (9) loves to help with Heather. He often gets her out of bed in the morning and can be found playing with her especially when he is supposed to be doing his homework or chores.

He is enjoying fourth grade at Lindon Elementary and is earning excellent grades this year! He especially loves art class, computer lab, morning drive-time conversations with Dad, and an occasional Daylight donut.

Cub Scouting is still a huge part of his life. Earlier this year he earned his Bear badge and several arrow points. He is currently working on his “Faith in God” award.  He has caught the Harry Potter bug. He loves his Hedwig owl and has seen the movie twice.

The Disney Animal Kingdom was one of his favorite vacation memories. The highlight of his year was Bryce Canyon National Park. He loved camping and playing with cousins there.


David (13) became our first teenager in October.  He is challenged by the responsibilities of a young adult and not having as much “free-time.”  He attends Mountain Ridge Junior High. His favorite hobby is inventing new electronic devices.

Earlier this year David was called to serve as the Deacon’s Quorum President and Sr. Patrol Leader.  He recently advanced to the Boy Scout rank of Star and is half-way done with his Life rank.

David has an uncanny resemblance to Harry Potter, the actor. At first he enjoyed the attention. When our family attended the movie, he was asked to autograph a concessionaire’s napkin as Harry Potter. Now he feels the pains associated with fame.

Marcia, Harold’s mother, has been a joy to have living in our home. She officially retired in November and looks forward to doing genealogy and visiting family. (You can read more in her Christmas letter.)

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We think of you often and hope and pray that we may all remember and feel the peace that Christ brings into our lives, even during times of war and economic turmoil.

With love from,

Harold, Holly, David, Jonathan, Andrew and Heather

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