Volume 11

Written and Typeset by Harold & Holly Toomey

December 1997








 Introduction goes here! (We thought of using last year's intro just to see if anyone would notice.) All done.

This year we upgraded our computer and purchased a color scanner. Harold registered www.toomey.org on the Internet. The boys took turns going to Harold's office on Saturdays and made their own web pages. We published the last eleven years of the "Toomey Times" on the Internet at www.toomey.org/family/times. Please visit our web site and read all about us.

As a Christmas present to you, Harold will scan up to ten of your color photos and send them to you on disks or e-mail. Now you can personalize your computer screen with a family photo!

This year's family vacation took us through Zion's National Park, then on to the Grand Canyon. The highlight was a natural sandstone water park called Slide Rock State Park near Sedona, Arizona. The map coordinates for Slide Rock, taken from Harold's new toy, a GPS satellite receiver, are 34 56' 24" North, 111 45' 08" West, 7,074 feet altitude. We loved Slide Rock so much that we cut our visit to the Grand Canyon short and spent two days at Slide Rock. The boys still talk about it and want to go back. As luck would have it, our A/C went out in Arizona (110). So, feeling lucky, (ha, ha) we went on to Las Vegas the next day.

In Las Vegas we dined at the MGM Grand, which has a Wizard of Oz theme. David commented on how "wicked" gambling was and concluded that it was because the wicked witch had taken over Oz after the Wizard and Dorothy left. "I'll get you, my pretties, and your money, too."

David (9) finished his second grade year with a bang, receiving an academic achievement award from his

school. During summer vacation he completed the requirements for the Cub Scout National Parks Tour Patch. David also achieved his Wolf patch, one gold and two silver arrow points. In October he joined to the Bear Den. David's highlights in 1997 were:

Now David is enjoying 3rd grade and his new piano lessons, which combine computers and piano.

Jonathan (5) graduated from preschool, performing as a chick in the play "The Little Red Hen." He is now in kindergarten and absolutely loves it! He is also enjoying music lessons. Jonathan has been memorizing phone numbers. While in Las Vegas we found we didn't have his Aunt Ginger's phone number in St. George, UT. Jonathan rattled the number off to us and was correct. He also has a fetish for patterns, which he uses quite creatively. Jonathan's 1997 highlights were:

Jonathan is already planning for the future. He says he'd like to marry his friend and neighbor, Ruth, because, "I like her very much."

Our Favorite Bumper Stickers

(Also found on www.toomey.org/harold/jokes/HumorousBumperStickers.html )

  • If we aren't supposed to eat animals, why are they made out of meat?
  • Give me ambiguity or give me something else.
  • I may be fat, but you're ugly, and I can lose weight.
  • I love cats...they taste just like chicken.
  • Bad cop, no donut!
  • Jack Kevorkian for White House Physician.
  • Time is the best teacher; unfortunately it kills all its students!
  • I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it!

 Andrew (2) is no longer in his crib and has graduated to the big boys' room. He's a junior acrobat on the trampoline. Andrew loves to sit next to the fish tank during meals.

Andrew is quite verbal and loves to mimic. IF he takes his up side down pacifier out of his mouth, he talks very well. His brothers have two favorite questions for Andrew:

Q. "Andrew, are you asleep?"

A. "No! I'm awake!"

Q. "Andrew, do you know what you're talking about?"

A. Always a resounding "No."

Harold (34) has a new title at CallWare, Director of OEM Engineering. He visits telecom companies all over the world. This year he's been to Sweden, France, Florida, San Diego, Mexico, Texas, and New Jersey, accumulating over 70,000 frequent flyer miles. Curly, Harold's popular office tarantula, must be getting lonely. Harold's boss thinks Harold plays with Curly's crickets all day and talks to his computer monitor (inside joke).

Harold's middle aged tummy got the better of him. In August he (Harold, not his tummy) began eating less and more healthful foods. (So much for Christmas goodies.) He has lost twenty-five pounds and has kept it off!

After two years of Cub Scouts as Committee Chairman, Harold was released. Harold and Holly now have a joint church calling as Ward Family History Consultants (Genealogy).

Involvement with the Relief Society Homemaking Committee was short lived for Holly. She loved being in on the planning of homemaking meetings, but she's looking forward to working beside Harold in this new calling.

Holly (you wish) planted an ambitious and successful garden this year. She did a lot of canning and freezing of fresh produce.

Thanks to Ginger (Holly's sister), Holly has taken up paper quilling. Holly had a display of her work at the Lindon Days Vanishing Arts display and taught a quilling class at our ward Relief Society's Super Saturday (a big craft day). Harold doesn't mind this hobby 'cause "it's inexpensive."

Holly's current fetish is redecorating the home. Her favorite shows are "House Smart with Lynette Jennings" and "Interior Motives" with Christopher Lowell. She considers these her continuing education. Rooms attacked this year were the master bedroom, master bathroom, and the boy's rooms. (There are still things to finish in those rooms.) Next is the den.

As the year rushes to a close, we pause, and with gratitude, remember the birth of Jesus Christ, His life, and the atonement He made for all of us. Our thoughts are also turned to you. And though we don't communicate but once a year with many of you, our hopes and prayers are with you, your family, and friends. We hope you are enjoying the spirit of Christmas, and that you will have a very fruitful new year.



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