We hope you have had a good year, and that you are all well and happy. We have had a wonderful year, full of many blessings and lots of fun.

DAVID turned eight this year and was baptized by his father. He is now involved in Cub Scouts. Still interested in art, David won a picture contest on Mother's Day and was awarded a bouquet of flowers for his mother. David enjoys making mazes, reading, fixing things, and making things out of wood and anything else around the house. He is a wonderful helper for Mom and Dad. He helped Harold build storage shelves in the garage....and had fun doing it! David is very financially minded, great with numbers, and is the neighborhood salesman.

JONATHAN (4), (the "Blonde Bomb" as Holly refers to him because of his blonde hair and boundless energy), loves trains, cars, drawing, and making mazes. Jonathan loves playing on the computer and can often be found working on his "Readiness for School" CD, as well as other learning games on the computer. Jonathan enjoys preschool and looks forward to riding the bus to school with David next Fall.

Angel with Baby Angel in water (by Jonathan Toomey)

ANDREW (1 1/2) looks forward to waving good-bye to David from the front window when David leaves for the school bus. He has learned to fold his arms and bow his head when we pray. He loves to put his diaper in the diaper pale, wash his hands, and sweep and mop. Andrew even pretends to vacuum, with one of his push toys, when Mommy vacuums. Andrew is quite particular about some things: his pacifier must be up-side-down; he likes two blankets in bed (one to cuddle and one to cover him); and if you say the word "bath" you'd better give him one. "Peas" means please, "baa" means bath, every stuffed animal is a "puppy," and everything is "mine." Andrew's first two-word phrase came when Harold was teasing Andrew at the dinner table. In frustration, Andrew turned to Mommy with a frown and clearly said, "Stupid Dad!" He loves his Daddy though, and rushes to greet Harold every evening after work.

HOLLY lost 50 pounds this year and feels great! She loves the role of Cub Scout Den Leader. Holly also enjoys being in the ward (church) choir.

The highlights of 1996 for Holly have been the family trips to Oregon and Florida. During the summer the entire family traveled to Oregon to see friends (and family on the way). We saw the Dalles Dam, visited Salem, spent several days in a cabin at the coast, played in sand dunes and saw Crater Lake. Sharing childhood memories with the boys was wonderful, and the sights were breath taking!

In December, Harold and Holly flew to the Orlando area for their 10th Anniversary. They stayed in St. Cloud, with Holly's friends from her mission eleven years ago. They played at Walt Disney World's EPCOT Center. Harold and Holly were shrunk with the rest of the audience in the thrilling show "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience" and were sneezed on by a giant dog. They visited Japan, China, Morocco, Mexico, France, Canada, England, Norway and the United States all in a couple of days!

One evening they ate dinner at Medieval Times and cheered and jeered as they witnessed jousting and sword fighting. On their last day in Florida, Harold and Holly drove to the East Coast and hunted for seashells for the boys--three were huge! Then they flew back to wintery Utah and reality.

Our favorite funny

"After her 90th birthday, my friend Marie found that shopping for Christmas gifts had become too difficult, so she decided to send checks to everyone instead. On each card she wrote, 'Buy your own present,' and she mailed them early.

"Marie enjoyed the usual flurry of family festivities. Only after Christmas did she get around to clearing off her cluttered desk. Under a stack of papers, she was horrified to find the gift checks which she had forgotten to enclose."

(Reader's Digest, December '96, p. 140)

HAROLD gets to travel a lot with his work for CallWare Technologies, Inc. In March, he went to Manhattan, New York for a week with his company's CEO. They visited several large press agencies announcing their product's new Internet integration. Harold also saw his first Broadway play, Les Miserables.

In September, Harold spent eleven days in Israel with SoftTalk (a company that merged with CallWare). Some of the engineers there took him on tours of Herzlia, Tel Aviv, Jaffa and Jerusalem. Conflict erupted only days after Harold returned to the states. (No correlation, honest)

Harold manages a team of 14 software engineers creating computer and telephone solutions such as voice mail. It is an exciting and growing industry! Harold is employee number 15 of 120 employees at CallWare.

At home, Harold plays Cub Scout Committee Chairman for our pack of cub scouts. So Harold and Holly have a default date together....once a month at Pack Meeting.


"This year I got a new mountain bike, a hat from Disney World with lights on it, a Mickey Mouse shirt, and a huge cup. I had fun this year." (Message from David)

"It's not snowing yet. It's not Halloween yet. It's not dark yet." (Message from Jonathan)

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This time of year we turn our thoughts toward friends and family, many whom we have not seen for a long time. We miss you and look forward to when we can talk with you in person.

We hope and pray that our greeting finds you enjoying time with your family, and that Christ, the true meaning of Christmas, will be the center of your holiday celebration.

With love,

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