Toomey Times

Volume 9

Written and Typeset by Harold & Holly Toomey

January 1996








Last Christmas zipped by so quickly that we wrote our annual letter but didn't even send it out! (Bummer.) This year we're sending a New Year's letter, and even that's late!

Family Update

The biggest news is our new addition, ANDREW MONROE TOOMEY, born May 19, 1995. Andrew was born a healthy eight pounds, and like his two brothers, he just had to be different. David was born after Holly had been given an Epidural. Jonathan entered this world naturally, without any painkillers, while Andrew was born by an emergency C-Section. What's left for any future siblings?

Now nearly eight months old, Andrew is a very happy little boy and charms everyone with his BIG smile. His only frustration is that he doesn't get around like he wants to, but he makes-do by rolling and pivoting, and is now getting up on his knees and rocking. He loves solid food and watching his big brothers.

JONATHAN (3) enjoys preschool twice a week. He's still as friendly as ever, approaching people everywhere we go with the standard questions, "What's your name?" and "Can I have some money?"

Jonathan continues to love water and cars. His newest fetish is brushing his teeth--a good habit to start young.

Last Mother's Day Holly was pleasantly surprised when a flower arrived via messenger. DAVID (7) had won an art contest in which the prize was a flower delivered to the winner's mother. David continues his interest in drawing, and when he grows up he wants to be a Disney artist. David already has plans for a special playground for Disney! He has little fairs for Jonathan's friends weekly.

Lately, David has made a hobby of collecting and studying about fossils and bugs and is becoming quite the expert.

Kept extremely busy at work with exciting things, HAROLD is happy at CallWare Technologies developing voicemail software. Until about a month ago, Harold was also kept busy being our Ward Membership Clerk in this rapidly growing area. He enjoyed that calling but our ward was divided in October, so he is now the Ward Temple Coordinator and Cub Scout Committee Chairman. Since he is unfamiliar with both of these, they give him the kind of challenges he thrives on.

In October Harold was promoted to the rank of Captain in the U.S. Air Force with no effort of his own. I wonder what the weather is like in Bosnia?

Another thing Harold has been kept busy with is the main floor of our house. We recently remodeled it--so recently, in fact, we are still finishing up little odds and ends. Having a wood floor put in and painting all the walls on the main floor were the biggest jobs of all. A big THANK YOU goes out to all who helped, whether it was tearing up the old floor, putting in our new floor, painting, putting up wallpaper, and/or helping with the kids.

HOLLY has spent the last seven months trying to figure out how to manage the house plus three energetic boys. She hasn't given up yet on finding a way to keep the house clean and give quality time to the children. If anyone has good suggestions please write:


464 North 750 East

Lindon, UT 84042

Our Adventures

This year's family vacation found us in Vernal, Utah--Dinosaur Land! There we visited the Utah Field House of Natural History State Park, the Dinosaur National Monument, some petroglyphs, the Flaming Gorge, and the nearby Dam -- a trip we'll never forget.

The boys were thrilled to see and touch real dinosaur bone fossils at the quarry. They also found the pool at the Dinosaur Hotel to be just as!

Besides seeing the sights, we met some "long lost" friends. At the Utah Field House of Natural History State Park we ran into one of Holly's WordPerfect co-workers. Then at the Golden Corral in Vernal we ran into one of Holly's former mission companions, whom Holly had lost track of. We are so glad to have found both of you!

NOW the reason this newsletter is a New Years letter and not a Christmas one is because Harold was sent on a business trip to England, and Holly went with him!

While Harold worked, Holly ran around Leighton Buzzard, the town they were staying in. On one day she even braved the railway into London by herself to see Madame Tussaud's and the London Planetarium.

The last two days Harold and Holly toured London's underground, coming up for air to see Picadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery, the House of Parliament and Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Westminster Cathedral, Buckingham Palace and the Changing of the Guard, the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, and London Dungeon. That's a lot of air, and BOY was it cold compared to what we'd left in Utah.

David's Editorial

I like making people happy.

I like spending my time working, and I like spending my time with little kids that live on our street.

I like going to school, and when I go to school I have fun, because everybody likes me, I like my teacher, recess--I like everything about school. 

Jonathan's Editorial

My preschool went to the police station and then the fire station. I liked the squirt gun thing they had. The fire truck has a BIG squirt gun on it.

I like driving to my preschool. I like our fish and our computer. I like Andrew and Dad and Mom and David and me. I like Ruth and my teacher.

Final Note

The Lord has blessed us tremendously this year. We are forever in His debt. We hope you are all in debt as much as we are!

With Love,

Harold, Holly, David, Jonathan, and Andrew

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