Toomey Times

Volume 7

Written and Typeset by Harold & Holly Toomey

December 1993





Yet Another Move

In June we purchased our first home in a small town called Lindon. Lindon is just north of Orem, where we last lived. Our home is snuggled against the foothills of Mt. Timpanogas. The view is beautiful, and we feel as though we have a huge back yard because there are no homes behind us...yet. We love our home and are enjoying our new community. We intend to be at our new address for a LONG time:

464 North 750 East
Lindon, UT 84042-1541
(801) 785-0464

All three of Holly's sisters and her parents live here in Utah Valley. Harold has three brothers and their families here, too. AND when Harold's mother isn't away on a mission she also resides in the valley. We like being near family, especially after living away from them for so long in Ohio.

The Boys

David and Jonathan are growing like weeds. They get along well and also get into a lot of mischief.

David is five years old now and is almost four feet tall! Our neighbors say he is just like a miniature Harold...look out world! He enjoys food and likes to share snacks with family and the neighborhood kids. He loves pre-school, drawing, Legos and his new toy-a yellow snow sled.



Jonathan thinks David is the greatest and copies everything David does. Jonathan loves cars, balls, water, anything with a hinge, and climbing. He is rapidly adding to his vocabulary, his favorite phrases being, "Bye-bye, Daddy" and "I buy this". He will turn two in February.

Harold says he is "one of the boys" because he is still in his twenties (until December 30). He continues to work diligently at Novell as a Software Engineer and is loving it. In our new ward he is enjoying the calling of Nursery Worker.

The "Adult"

Holly teaches an energetic class of six boys, ages 5 and 6, on Sundays. She enjoys being home with David and Jonathan and finds plenty of projects to keep her busy. A few months ago she began working from the home. She answers phones for a couple of businesses and recently began typing documents for one of them.


(David and Jonathan -- into mischief)


David's Editorial

"I hope it will snow! I hope it snows a lot!! That way I can sled on my sled that my daddy gave to me with strings and a seat and brakes. It's yellow."  

Jonathan's Editorial

"az,6y b b45yuk n,e ,f b r nr n thth y j,uu ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,n,n,,a.;s..d...................x ol vf fjvvvdddddddd jtkmfdkmfrk,gvk,km,ell,l,eekfkgtkiky ku lp6 l,rfrfkfolwe;iwujjjjjjujjjjjcjdcjcj"

As our Christmas tree on the front page indicates, we wish you a merry Christmas. We hope you have all enjoyed this year. Please keep in-touch.

With love, 


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