Volume 4

Written And Typeset By Harold & Holly Toomey

December 1990





Moved Again

At the end of April a miracle occurred. A renovated apartment in on-base housing became vacant, and somebody wanted the Toomeys' contract in Swank Apartments in Fairborn. They made a quick move-so quick that they decided to take the vacant place on base one day and moved on week later.

Their new place on base has more room than they have ever had before. It has two bedrooms, a den, one and half bathrooms, and entry hall, huge living/dining room area, a kitchen, and a laundry room. Plus, a garage and lots of storage. They even have a back yard. "Wow, we've never had it so good!"

There is a play ground just a hundred feet from their back door and shopping close by. The building where Harold works is only five minutes away, now.

Their current address is:

5276 Access Rd.

Dayton, OH 45431

Care-Free Typing Service

A new branch of Care-Free Typing Service is the software distribution Harold and Holly have recently ventured into. As you recall in Volume 3, 1989, of their Christmas letter, Harold wrote a book containing assorted numerical analysis algorithms and computer programs to match. A month ago Harold and Holly began mass-producing a demo packet and began sending it out to users of the textbook that Harold's numerical analysis algorithms compliment.

Recently they made a Macintosh version and have received several orders. Harold and Holly have learned a lot from running their own business and have enjoyed doing it together. They hope this becomes a profitable venture.

Indefatigable David

David has had an eventful year. He has grown so much, and the more he grows the more he gets into.

In May, David got stitches above his left eyebrow when he tripped and hit his head on a teeter-totter.

Life with David is never a dull moment-well maybe when he is sleeping. It isn't unusual for him to get into the kitchen cupboards ad pour various spices into the blender-when Mom isn't looking--or crack ad egg over the living room carpet, find some loose screw in a vent cover and stick it up inside a tube of toothpaste, or get into Mom's lipstick and write all over the wall. But Mom and Dad are getting smart. They are continually updating their child proofing techniques.

David can recognized the letters of the alphabet fairly well and likes to try to count. He recognizes the words DADDY, STOP, and PIZZA. His favorite game is pretending to be the tiger from Jungle Book, whether he is chasing Mommy around the house, biting toes, or retrieving objects with his teeth. He does a great job pretending!

"Let's face it-we think he's great!" says Holly, "We love him, and we're only a little biased."

Torpid Harold

Lt. Toomey enjoys his job as the Graphics Team Leader in the flight Dynamics Laboratory so much that he almost feels guilty getting paid. He helps program displays for flight simulations n colorful 3-D graphics workstations. It is a fun programming environment.

They say if you join the Air Force, you will see the world. Lt. Toomey has had plenty of opportunities to go on TDY's (Temporary Duty Yonder). This past year he has flown to California twice, Michigan, and Orlando, Florida. He will be spending two weeks in San Antonio, Texas this January. Fortunately, all this traveling hasn't gotten old, yet.

A rare opportunity was given to the lab engineers this year. Harold was able to take an Aviation Ground School course and later put in over six flight hours in small aircraft at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base's Aero Club. This was paid for by the labs to help the Electrical Engineers better understand aviation. Harold would like to eventually get his private pilot's license. "They really make us suffer in the Air Force, don't they?" aviator Harold grins impishly.

Upon moving to base housing, the Toomeys changed church wards. Harold, after teaching Sunday school every week in Fairborn, got a "break?" He was immediately called to serve as a scoutmaster. "Nothing like a good campout again."

By the summer's end he was surprised to be appointed as an Early Morning Seminary Teacher. Now he wakes up at 4:30 a.m. each morning to teach a dozen eager high school aged youth at 6:00 a.m. They are studying The Book of Mormon this year. Despite the hard work, Harold says he really does enjoy it.

Insouciant Holly

Holly was kept busy, the first half of the year, helping plan Girls' Camp as the Stake Camp Mountaineer Advisor. She also went to the week long camp with the young women. After camp she had a short break, then began work on camp again, only this time as the Ward Camp Director.

Holly enjoys working with the young women, particularly in the outdoors.

She also enjoys working with younger children. She gets that opportunity at least once a month when she takes on the responsibility as the Relief Society Nursery Leader. She gives a short lesson, then leaves the children in the hands of two volunteer fathers, while she attends Homemaking Meeting.

Family Reunions

The Oregon Coast

In August, the Ohio Toomeys flew to Oregon for the Morrow Beach Party. The reunion was well planned out and lots of fun. It was wonderful to see everybody there and to see the Oregon coast, while spending a week in a cabin near the ocean.

Harold and Holly also checked out Corvallis and Hewlett Packard, and agreed that it is one of the few places where they could easily settle down.


The Ohio Toomeys will be off and flying once again in December. They are looking forward to this trip for several reasons. One reason is that they will be able to attend Robert's wedding. (Robert is one of Harold's younger brothers.) Another important reason is that both sides of the family will be in Utah at that time. It will be like two family reunions in one trip!

Editors' Note

This letter was brought to you by the editors of Care-Free Typing Service.

We think of you often, particularly at this time of the year. We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas.

With love,

 Harold, Holly, & David

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