Mail Guidelines


Please E-mail me at I will try to access my email once a week on P-days.

(Note1: 1) forwards a copy to my missionary mail address, 2) sends an archive copy to my gmail account, and 3) is easier to remember. Please use it.)
(Note2: This email address will work for the duration of my mission. Afterwards it will be used for Jonathan, then Andrew, then Heather.)

Postal Mail: (i.e. Letters & Packages)

Importand Information:
USPS Priority or First Class mail will be forwarded to my current address within 2 days. Mail sent any other way, or with other carriers, will not be delivered until someone goes to that area or a zone conference is held.

For Non-Perishables:

Please address mail to:


Elder David Allen Toomey
1111 South Cole Road
Boise, Idaho 83709

Note: I will be in the Provo MTC from October 29, 2008 to November 18, 2008. Mail sent to arrive during these dates should be sent to the MTC at the address below, otherwise, please send it to the above mission home address.


Elder David Allen Toomey
MTC Mailbox #120

ID-BOI 1118

2005 North 900 East
Provo, UT 84604-1793


For Perishables:

Please contact either myself or my parents first to get my current address and any time-relevant information. (i.e. pending transfers)

Contact Me at:Contact My Parents at:

(972) 548-2262 (Home in TX)
(801) 492-1526 (Home Office)
(801) 830-9986 (Mother's Cell)
(801) 830-9987 (Father's Cell)
(972) 963-7510 (Father's Work)